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About The Game

A New P2E Game That’s Actually Fun To Play!

Soul Splicers is a P2E roguevania action based game, built for the blockchain. Upgrade your dynamic NFTs stats and abilities by exploring dungeons, harvesting souls and taking down bosses. Use the souls to mint and upgrade abominations, which other players will fight in their dungeons, making their lives harder.

Movement And Controls

We are dedicated to bringing players only the most responsive and satisfying of movement systems. The dev team is made up of BSc level degree or higher game designers who are all avid gamers and we know there is nothing worse than playing a game where you are unable to make the character do what you want. We want this to be the most fun character controller out there.


The combat in Soul Splicers will reward players for being creative and will allow them to play as they wish. We will be introducing many weapons in the game, each with its own style of combat. All styles will be refined in order to ‘feel good’. We want everyone, no matter how they play, to love what we have built for them.


Items are used to enhance the player's run either by giving them more options or by forcing them to make decisions which would affect the rest of the run. Items can generally be found from killing Enemies; opening Chests; in Secret Rooms and bought at the Item Shop.

Teaser Trailer

About The NFT

Genesis Experiments

Genesis experiments will be the initial generative 2600 NFT drop for players to mint and use in game. They will store progress and increase in power and ability alongside the player.

Each experiment will have:

  • Random visual traits (appear in game as well)
  • Randomised starting stats
  • Random starting class

Upgradable, Dynamic NFT

All experiments have the ability to be upgraded using souls. Any upgrades made in-game will reflect on the NFT. This will be one of the ways of storing progress, players will be able to unlock abilities for their NFT and they will be able to upgrade the base stats for their NFT. The NFT will also display achievements that the player has earned (if any).


Abominations are the enemy creatures within the game. They can be minted using souls. Once an abomination is minted, it is added to the pool of available abominations to fight.

The Pool

During the generation phase of a dungeon, each of the enemies are randomly selected from the pool of available abominations. The type of enemy is pre-selected but the individual token is pulled from the pool.

Upgradable Stats and Abilities

Abominations can also be upgraded in order to make other players' games more difficult and increase the yield of the abomination. Basic abominations will only have stat upgrades, but rare abominations and bosses will feature ability upgrades as well.

Dungeon Rooms and Traps

Souls and Boss Souls

NFT Splicing and Community Bosses

Read about it all in the whitepaper!

Post-mint Roadmap

What’s The Plan?

After the initial genesis mint, it's full steam ahead with Soul Splicers development! The minting funds to create more art, create & upgrade community spaces and hire more game developers.


Content & More Content

The majority of Q1 will be used to design levels, implement new mechanics, add new enemies, create new bosses and add sounds, music and art.

Community Influenced Development

We will constantly be reading through your suggestions and cherry picking the best ideas to be added to the game. If your idea is chosen, you will be rewarded!

New Trailer

Now that more content has been added, the next step is to show it off. A new trailer will be created to showcase the progress that has been made.


NFT Splicing and Community Bosses

The idea of NFT splicing is to take an existing abomination you have and splice it with another NFT from a different collection. This will turn it into a new type of abomination representing that collection’s artwork.

Community Partner Bosses

Community partners will have a shared boss enemy between the community's players, their players will be able to donate souls in order to power up their boss in-game. Any souls harvested from the boss will be shared among that community.

Improved Layout Generation and Full Gameplay Loop

Now that the majority of the main content has been created, it needs to be added to the game. This will mainly involve creating better generation, layouts and difficulty curves.

Alpha/Beta Testing

We will be releasing an alpha version of the game to selected testers in order to help balance the game. A tokenomics expert will be brought in to help balance the economy.

Abominations Initial Minting

Holders will each be given a free abomination mint in order to help populate the enemy pool for launch.


Game and Sub-Collections Release

Version 1 of the game will be released to holders. This means all sub-collections (traps, dungeon rooms, GEN2) will be released too. Better start harvesting them souls!


After the Initial Release

Work on expansions and more games will start. Any new games that are created will be voted on by the holders.


Yes, there is a whitelist! The best place to find out more about getting whitelisted is through the 'whitelist-info' channel in our discord.

The mint price will be 0.08ETH

The mint is happening on the 13th of April 2022 at 16:00UTC

The initial genesis collection will consist of 2600 NFTs.

Yes! There will be a GEN 2, Abominations and more. They will be created by the genesis NFT holders.
Check out whitepaper for more information.

Yes! We think that community testing and feedback is one of the most important parts of game development!
Alpha and Beta will be given out to holders to test and improve the game with us!

Version 1 of the game is planned for release in Q3 2022!
Please check the Roadmap for a more detailed picture of development!

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